Wednesday, September 28, 2016

IM BACK!!! Hello My Loves!!

Hellloooooooo My Darling Friends!!!
 Wow so good to see you again!! Yea I know-- I have been MIA ( missing in action) BUT it was needed to just disconnect from the Internet and enjoy the real world out there. I did and honestly it feels refreshing. Not bashing anyone who doesn't but as for me-
Sometimes I like to go into my little cave under the sea ( the Pisces in me ). Keeps me grounded and in tune with my inner being. 
I truly enjoyed my summer to the fullest- And I hope You did also :)

OK! Let's get to the much needed 411 I have to share. L'Oreal Root Cover Up.
This stuff works BIG TIME!!! I can attest for it - This summer I was doing the pool beach and honestly did not have the time or patience to color my hair every 2 1/2 weeks. NYC had a major hot few weeks the heat was insane due to high buildings trapping the heat.  With that- I washed it every day and we all know what happens... The Greys start to pop out FRONT AND CENTER  due to the color fading I hate that UGH!

One Night I saw a commercial of the beautiful Eva Longoria spraying her grey roots with this amazing spray- and as any other desperate woman I ran to Duane Reade and bought two cans.

Ok- This is a very tricky but super easy method. Brush your hair and aim at the designated area in LIGHT and EASY Sprays.  Don't put the can too close to your scalp- that way it will look more natural :)  When working on your hairline make sure to have a damp rag to clean off any edges that may be too close to your actual face. Let dry and WALLA! Your ready to step out :)

This magic in a can comes in about 6 colors  works on all types of textures. It's perfect when you have a last minute event. Oh 1 thing ( because you know I have to keep it real always!) When the spray dries your hair also gets a little stiff and dry. BUT remember it's the same effect that hair spray leaves on your hair. So try not to go crazy and spray a lot - like I said earlier keep it light and simple.