Sunday, October 2, 2016

Beautiful Fall / Winter Scents

Hello Loves!!
Ahhh My Favorite Past Time Shopping for Perfume.
My Mother had an obsession with perfume- apparently so did I because I doused myself with her perfume to the point where I passed out. I will never forget that story I was about 4 years old. She would always pause and repeat ( like some nightmare)  when I would get a compliment on my scent.
Her favorite quote ~ La Perfumada. ( the perfumed one )

That cold chill has arrived especially here in New York City. It creeped up on us out of no where!
Anyways, with the sudden change must come the scent to match. Ladies it's time to put away your spring and summer fragrances and indulge in a beautiful scent to match the changing season.
Here are some of my favorites which I love when it's chilly out.
 I believe every woman should smell sexy, mysterious, and classy. 

 Go to your local Sephora or Department store and check these babies out. When trying a scent apply to wrist and do not rub the skin. Let it absorb with your body oils. Sephora is great with samples don't go shy just ask :)

Decadence By Marc Jacobs

My Burberry Black By Burberry

Code Satin By Armani

Alien By Thierry Mugler

Velvet Orchid By Tom Ford

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