Monday, May 23, 2016

Hydrate Your Body in Seconds

Good Morning and Hello My Darlings!
I hope You had a Beautiful, Relaxing and Very HappyWeekend. 

Ok so here is the scenario~ You have 20 minutes tops to shower, dress, and get out the door.
Sometimes Less in the real world -as your racing to the shower in a frantic "OH MY GOD!!"state- REMEMBER Your best feature and best outfit is your skin. Polished Smooth Skin always makes an  fabulous and radiant entrance. No matter what you are wearing people will always notice your skin before anything else. Here are some fantastic oils to use once you are fresh out of the shower before you towel dry your skin.

Neutrogena Sesame Body Oil. For starters the smell of this oil is beautiful! It is light and has a pleasant feel once applied on your skin. I like to apply it on right after I rinse off body cleanser (or soap). I let it set into my skin as I wash my face. I always leave my face for last ( steam opens up my pores ). Once you are out of the shower Don't rub it off -Pat your skin with a towel and let air dry. This reminds me of my BFF who introduced me to this Gem of an Oil and years later I am still a big fan. Great for cuticles and as a shaving oil.

An oldie but goodie Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil is Good for Face Esp at night. This works really well in the winter time. Cold winds, artificial heater and radiators beat up and suck up skin's moisture. Argan Oil takes care of that always make sure it's 100%. This is perfect after you wax your legs or bikini area. Make sure to click on the 0.5 ounce bottle which is $16.00

I have a huge obsession with the Ocean. Anything that can bring me close or remind me of the beach is the smell of this amazing oil by Bobby Brown. Once you open the cap you will know exactly what I am talking about. I can't put my finger on it ( it has a clean smell to it ).  I loved this so much I  bought the roll on scent. I think you would prob love it as well. This baby is a little heavier in texture because it contains Olive Oil Sesame Oil Avocado Vitamins E & C. Which is a huge plus!

Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil has a nice cocoa butter/ shea smell to it. I love the spray effect  smooth it on while your skin is still damp. I don't recommend this on your face ( unless it's pure Argan oil). For hair -spray onto your palm, (not directly into hair) rub your hands to break down the oil first then lightly smooth onto your dry hair to get rid of frizz. It has been sadly discontinued -BUT!! You can still find it on Amazon or Ebay. I went on a mission but found one. Why did I put this one up? Incase if you see it anywhere GRAB ONE before they are all gone! You never know! LOL!

*P.S. Please be careful not to apply any oils on your feet ( ESP in the shower or bathroom floor tiles) they get very slippery and you can slide or fall God Forbid. 

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