Thursday, May 19, 2016

Vogue Recommended ~ Drugstore Facial Cleanser & Body Moisturizer

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Skin Cleanser

I read about CeraVe Hydrating cleanser in Vogue magazine. When? I don't remember, but I ran the very next day and bought a bottle. This is perfect since my face always feels dehydrated.  It doesn't make a foam like soap. The texture is more like liquid cream. It has no smell and it's super affordable. It contains Hyaluronic Acid ( which is already naturally in the body) this creates fullness in the skin and secures moister.

Skin Moisturizer 

When I bought the cleanser I said - I might as well buy the lotion as well. Let me tell you something This stuff is really good! It has no smell (which to me is perfect because I like to smell like whatever perfume have sprayed on).  It dries quick and works fast. I keep one in the car -it has saved me many times when I have ran out late and noticed my skin looked dry. This is also great for dry feet. I love it!

Here is a link for a $2.00 coupon for your purchase! You can use it whenever you go to any CVS Duane Reede, Target, or Walmart.


  1. I'm a product junkie and I've gone from very expensive cleansers to cheap ones to CeraVe foaming fash wash. It REALLY gets all the make up off, more importantly the bottle is so big it will last about 4-6 mos. and it's reasonably price for what it does. Get it girls! My sister who is a Nurse and constantly washes her hands swears by the Body Cream, the one that comes in a tub.

  2. @margaritabrito that is so awesome!!