Monday, May 9, 2016

Super Easy Hair Removal done at Home

Happy Monday My Darlings!

Wishing beautiful things for all who read this. May you be blessed with Happiness, A Peace of Mind and Happy and Productive Day.

Spring Time is here! You know what that means Summer is around the corner.
On a sunny day in April I decided to go out and enjoy the weather -run some errands.
As I walked down the street and looked down AHHHH! YIKES!
Omg It was legs had hair on them. In the winter I get lazy yes it happens who feels like shaving their damn legs when all we wear are winter clothes. Hell if there is one thing that drove me crazy is to shave every 4 days. I hate it to be honest.
But now as the weather gets warmer, the layers of clothing are become less and less. 

Here is what I use in the warmer weather days to come. Nair Brazilian Spa Clay.

I have to say this has been the easiest way of hair removal I can do both of my entire legs and in 2-3 minutes. I just jump in the shower and Poof no more hairy legs! YAY!
* TIPS Read the instructions before using.  Please don't leave it on for more than 2-3 minutes this stuff is strong and your skin can get irritated - please pay attention to timing it.  If you decide to use it as a bikini hair removal don't go crazy and apply it everywhere ( like inside your V area section) just because it says BRAZILIAN on the bottle. LOL! The front part of your bikini line is fine.  Leave that part for last after you have applied both legs for about 1 minute. No more than that.

Here is the link to Target:

Before I begin my ritual I always make sure to use Latex gloves. My reason is because its easier to apply the spa clay all over my legs in an even manner.  Making this pain in the butt production easier, AND less messy. I always use my gloves also since it leaves a weird slippery, waxy feel to my hands, making it safer when I get in the shower. I hate the texture of it on my bare hands. You prob will too.  Latex gloves are easy to find every where even in a 99cent store.  

I won't lie- I don't use the sponge it comes with- it becomes limp and slippery. I recommend using a small wash cloth. It's faster to get the product off and once again less messy. I get these at Walmart 18 washcloths for like $4 bucks Or I just run over to the 99. Cent store. These are cheap and work well since the fabric is a bit coarser. Save your self the hassle and don't ruin your nice towels. LOL.

Here is the link at Walmart:

I found this pic from last summer and this very day I had used the Spa Clay- you ask how I remember? Because I felt confident enough to wear this short jumpsuit. Not one hair all gone. Don't forget to put some on your toes. Esp. your Big Toe. Remember we are growing older and hair is growing in unexpected places. You want a complete polished look. 

This Day before Brunch, I used the Spay Clay, then moisturized with the Ponds cream. 
 (  In my previous blog ) Leaves a nice shine to your legs and feet.


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    1. Thank you Monica! You will love the results :)

  2. Q: How long until the hair grows back?

    If more then two days, then I'm buying!


    1. It's lasts about a week sometimes over a week :)