Sunday, May 15, 2016

Jasmine Tea

Hi My Darlings! 

May today's blog find you endoused in Happiness, Health and Love! Sometimes we need a quiet moment from the constant errands & busy life we lead. Our responsibilities are never ending. Work, Laundry, Cooking, Food Shopping, The kids on and on and on .....UGH.  When I need a moment of silence in my own head I make myself a nice hot tea.
 Green Tea with Jasmine :)

 My obsession for years, Jasmine tea adds a nice flavor and beautiful aroma to green tea. I enjoy it most with food, the jasmine brings out the flavor of my meal. The best part is it has 0 Calories, is full of Antioxidants which works towards fighting disease and help slow down the aging process in our skin. It also helps when dieting, Which soothes my stomach not making me as hungry.

An old friend of mine, Chimei ( pronounced Shimay) once taught me "One should never rush having tea." "One should stop -look- listen- smell- and taste what the tea has to offer." Wise woman, the beautiful things we learn from good friends. 29 yrs later I appreciate her tactic more than ever.  That's the beauty of getting older, I'm noticing the little things more each day.and enjoying them :)

I like to put the bag in a tea pot - 1 bag is potent enough to make 4 cups of tea.
I wait about 2 minutes for the tea bag to soak. That way the full flavor can be acquired and the beads in the tea bag can expand to it's potential.

I almost forgot! If you buy the jasmine tea at one The Coffee Bean Shops you get a free cup of any tea. They have an assortment of delicious flavors. So don't forget to ask :)

P.S click on the select button then click on 20 Tea Bags otherwise you will end up ordering the loose tea.


  1. I love this. Every night before going to bed I have some tea time with my daughter a little chit chat time. I usually do chamomile but this is a great suggestion thanks ��

  2. Hi Erika :) Thank you! Yes Chamomile is a wonderful tea - It is perfect for those who suffer from anxiety. It had been used by royalty for centuries to calm the nerves. My grandmother used it as a hair rinse for my aunt and cousin make their blonde hair lighter. I myself drink it when my nerves are a bit off after a stressful day & have recommended it to many people who would get Anxiety attacks.